A to Z of me! 

There is a writing challenge happening on WordPress at the moment so I thought I would take part.

Here are 26 things you may or may not know about me..

A- I have a strong sense of adventure and would love to see more of the world.

B- Giving birth to my children is by far my greatest achievement.

C- I love cemeteries! I find them strangely comforting and love the peace and quiet!

D- I have a Degree in Performance Studies. (That’s music, dance and drama to you common folk.)

E- I have quite an eclectic taste in music and like everything from Bob Marley to Justin Timberlake. Yes I love me a bit of JT!!!!

F- The most important thing in my world is my family.

G- I have visited the graves of some of my idols: Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce and Brandon Lee, Oscar Wilde, and Elvis.

H- I really hate hospitals and hope that I never need to be admitted to one.

I- I was once told by an art teacher at school that I had no imagination. If Mr Boygle could see me now… all I do is bloody daydream!

J- I wrote my dissertation at university on Jim Morrison.

K- I totally believe in karma.

L- I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life but I am very happy in my current role as a Learning Support Assistant.

M- Money is the root of all evil and divides humanity more than pretty much anything else.

N- I am writing a novel.  Might finish it some time in the next decade.

O- Our Cocker Spaniel when I was a child was called Oliver. He was my best friend when I was growing up.

P- I had my tongue pierced in New Orleans.

Q -I love it when my children ask questions and I always encourage their inquisitive minds.

R- I believe that the key to knowledge is to read a lot. I wish I had time to read more.

S- I can be very stubborn (just ask the hubby). I don’t like apologising AT ALL!!!

T- Travel travel travel! And then travel some more. It will open your eyes to the world.

U- I have travelled around the U.S. twice and would love to go back.

V- I have been a vegetarian for 25 years.

W- My passion is writing and I will write even if no one else reads a single word. Writing is for me.

X- I think all X boxes should be thrown in a heap and destroyed. They are the death of childhood innocence.

Y- Y oh Y can’t I think of anything for Y???

Z- I like to think that I have a zest for life and believe life is what we make it.