My travels

Many moons ago, I took to the skies to start an adventure of a lifetime.  It was 1999 and I had signed myself up for the Camp America programme to become a Camp Counsellor at one of their many summer camps in the good old US of A.

I was posted to a Girl scout camp in Leesburg, Virginia and this is where a very important life long friendship began.  It was here I met an amazing, tall, blonde, athletic looking Dane who has gone on to become one of my very best friends and despite only seeing each other every couple of years, the experiences we shared at Camp have cemented our friendship beyond anything I could have envisaged.  No one will ever understand what we went through during these months at Camp, but also on our travels that followed. Being together 24 hours a day was a challenge at times, but I will never forget the times we shared and have a wealth of memories which will live forever.

On this trip, I visited some amazing parts of the US and was lucky enough to be exposed to experiences that have helped shape my views on the world. 

In 2002, I took some time out of my new teaching career and went off on my travels again with two very good friends. Again, I had the time of my life and came back with some amazing memories.

I only wish I had taken more photos.  Not the touristy type snaps with me posing next to familiar landmarks (although I have a tonne of these), but pictures of people I met, or little snip-its of things as I have no doubt, these are the things that I should be writing about. 

I shall be blogging about my experiences whilst travelling, although I realise these will not be in real time, but there are some stories I simply MUST share, or I will combust.