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Click. The door is wide open.  There’s light streaming in and it’s blinding me. She’s there. Infront of me, talking to me, the way she does. It’s the kind voice today. I like… Continue reading

Teenagers…a strange new breed. Well, to me anyway. 

I’ve struggled at times with the various phases my children have gone through, like most parents I suspect.  I loved the newborn phase; the toddler phase nearly killed me. Twice. And now, I… Continue reading

Meet my friends, The Princes…

Have you ever really thought about why you send your kids to school? No? Me neither. We send our children to school because that’s the rule isn’t it? The government tell us that… Continue reading

Ditch 1-Janine 0

So today I managed to prove what an absolute fuckwit I can really be sometimes. I always knew that I was slightly stupid, but today proved to me, my children and several members… Continue reading

8 out of 10 mums…The best thing about being on Facebook

  There have been many times over the past couple of years that I have thought seriously about closing my Facebook account. I love Facebook, really I do.  Those that know me well… Continue reading

A to Z of me! 

There is a writing challenge happening on WordPress at the moment so I thought I would take part. Here are 26 things you may or may not know about me.. A- I have… Continue reading

Stop all the clocks

     Image from Quotes.land Time. It’s our most precious commodity. And like Buddha teaches us, the trouble is, we think we have it. But time is something that we can never possess. … Continue reading

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